With the support of our co-producers, Harbourfront Centre, TCAT along with ACSEA launched the Dialogue with Asia Series in 2016: a five year plan to feature a different Asian culture each year at TAIWANfest. Through various artistic and intercultural exchange, each year is an opportunity for a new community to self determine and self express their connections to Taiwan, Canada, and the world. Against the backdrop of one of Canada’s most vibrant downtown environments, develop an even deeper respect and appreciation for the diversity we are all so proud of!

In even the Chinese-speaking world, Taiwan and Hong Kong share an incredible amount of cultural, economic, and even political history – understandable given their proximity and shared roots. Yet each has walked along a very different path to arrive at where they are today, having sacrificed neither their heritage nor identity. Reflecting on their roots and carving a new path for their peoples, pursuing the strength that is found in freedom, the 2016 TAIWANfest: A Cultural Tango with Hong Kong uses “Redefining our Roots” as the Artistic Direction. Roots are not just about our past; they could be the start of a new society, the beginning of a dream, or the inception of something deemed impossible. Experience the progress of Hong Kong and Taiwan, two cultural leaders in crafting the evolution and creation of a more inclusive cultural awareness.

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