2020 - TOR


The Survived

Civilizations progressed because people learned from the misdeeds of the past. What went wrong? Is our world a better or safer place today than pre-COVID-19? What went wrong? What does it mean to have survived the pandemic? Do we have the answers or are we still looking for answers?

When the world is paused, the best and the worst in people begin to surface. Asking difficult questions and owning mistakes help us clearly see the truth that we had refused to acknowledge for so long. Taiwan was insignificant in the eyes of many when the world was busy making deals with China. Today, can the story of Taiwan be a reminder of how important it is to stand tall for our core values and beliefs? Nothing is worth the consequences of lockdowns, shutdowns and the millions of lives lost.

So, we are “The Survived” and all of us are tasked to reset, restart and most importantly, rethink. We thought globalization brought people together like never before, but for what? Perhaps it is not “Gigabit” that we want in 5G or 6G world; it is the “Good” in humanity that we really need. Are we ready to welcome the new Good era?

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