August 25- 27
Harbourfront Centre

Family Activity

From the Curating Team

Through hands-on workshops and experimental games, we gain a deeper understanding of the connection between the Era of Exploration and Taiwan’s history, culture, and ethnic migration. These activities not only enhance emotional bonds among families and friends but also allow us to foster intimacy, echoing the curious spirit of the sailors during that era who collaborated in the face of the unknown challenges.

In the workshops, we will create paintings, complete puzzles, and play with natural dye. Wwe can all express our unique perspectives. Working together, let’s piece fragments to form complete pictures, and with the guidance of Taiwanese craft masters, let’s complete creative projects. These wonderful memories will become preserved treasures, much like the history of the Era of Exploration. These family activities not only enlighten us about ourselves but also let us collectively experience the joy of exploration and create precious shared memories.


Time schedule subject to change

Self Portrait Activity

From our eyes, to our mouth, to our hands… to our favourite things, our clothes, and our surroundings. All of these things make up who we are. But how do we really see ourselves?

When the great Dutch painter Rembrandt went bankrupt, he chose to save one thing from his seized possessions: the mirror. He did so because it allowed him to continue to paint self-portraits.

Today, our lives are filled with camera filters and informed by various voices. But if we slow down and take a careful look, who do we see? Self-portraits are not only pieces of art, but also a way to learn about ourselves and the people around us.

What does your nose look like? Does your outside match your inside? What makes you, you? Pick up a pen and look in the mirror. Follow in the footsteps of master painters and draw your very own self-portrait.


Aug 26th - Aug 27th

HarbourKIDS Tent

DIY with Persimmon Dye

Xinpu, Taiwan is a place dubbed “The Town of Persimmons.” The climate allows the fruit to grow in abundance. Persimmons are harvested during peak growth, then processed and dried to eat year-round.

Persimmons are a traditional harvest, with many elders working in the persimmon factories. One day, as these senior workers were climbing to their feet after a long day at work, they realized that their hands were leaving behind beautiful stains on the walls! This sparked the idea of using persimmon juice as natural dye.

Taiwan is a leader in the field of natural dye craft, with artists and researchers creating innovations that combine eco-friendly practices with traditional dyeing techniques. Persimmon dye is one such example: building a local craft community that preserves tradition and using natural resources to make art.

With a little chemical reaction and limitless creativity, persimmon dye inspires all of us to think about our environment in a refreshing and artistic way. TAIWANfest invites everyone to come and play with your imagination with this unique natural dye!



Aug 26th - Aug 27th

HarbourKIDS Tent

** Workshops are first come, first served. Limit one cloth per person. Workshops are estimated to take ~15 minutes.
** Recommended for ages 6+. Younger children may participate with the assistance of a guardian.

Formosa Puzzle Game

Where is the first Mazu Temple in Taiwan located?
Which famous Dutch painter has painted the most self-portraits?
Whose home in Canada does this modern-looking bathroom belong to?

Puzzles not only cultivate cooperation and communication between people but also allow us to piece together subtle clues, creating deep emotional impressions! By guiding discussions with children about the details in the pictures and communicating with each other, we can also improve problem-solving skills and focus between parents and children. Family members or friends can participate in this leisurely and enjoyable activity. Spend time with your favourite people and have fun!

This puzzle game also introduces us to fascinating stories from Canada, Taiwan, and the Netherlands. Piece by piece, uncover the bigger picture, and bring your own fresh perspective! In the process of solving puzzles, our thinking becomes more active, allowing us to explore the deeper meaning behind the images and broaden our understanding of the world.

Let’s all experience this wonderful interactive activity together!


Aug 26th - Aug 27th

HarbourKIDS Tent

National Taiwan Craft Research Institute

Migration & Arts Workshop

Working with craft masters from Taiwan, TAIWANfest is presenting a series of workshops: bamboo weaving, wrapped flowers, bulrush weaving, quilling art, batik, and fibre weaving. Through hands-on participation, we can experience for ourselves the connection between craftsmanship and our everyday lives. Crafts not only enriches daily life, but also reflects the diversity and creativity of Taiwanese society. These craft masters will share their joy in craft creation.

Canadian society is constructed by different ethnic groups. Each community retains their own cultural characteristics. Taiwanese crafts, on the other hand, has developed a unique appeal from the influence of different cultures and human migration. In recent years, Taiwan has been committed to integrating craftsmanship into lifestyles so everyone can appreciate the beauty of culture and experience it through practical applications. These cultural exchanges allow us to respect each other more, promoting social communication and integration.

Let us experience the charm of Taiwanese crafts together!


The National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute (NTCRI) works to promote crafts and nurture craft workers. In recent years, they have focused on introducing Taiwan’s crafts to the world. Toward this goal, they have been working to create legal frameworks, train skilled individuals, encourage regional cooperation and develop new markets. NTCRI is grateful that traditional handicrafts have now found their place in this knowledge-based economy. A 21st century renaissance for Taiwanese crafts is at hand!

Aug 26th - Aug 27th

West Hallway

Time schedule subject to change

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TAIWANfest Toronto is grateful to be held on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territories of many nations, including the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Wendat peoples, that is now home to many diverse First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples. We acknowledge our privilege to be gathered here, and commit to work with and be respectful to the Indigenous peoples of this land while we engage in meaningful conversations of culture and reconciliation.