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Mackay’s Love

Playwright: Shuyuan Liao Chien 
Performed by Formosan Delight

12:00 – 1:00 pm | Aug 28th
Stage In The Park | Harbourfront Centre

What an interesting Canadian, MacKay is, giving his whole life to Taiwan. In the eyes of the Taiwanese, from a dark-haired barbarian to eternal love… This love that began in 1872 has never ceased, continuing to grow.

What is this love? 

Learn about George Leslie Mackay and his work in Taiwan through Mackay’s Love, an adaptation of the 2018 musical theatre show: Kai the Barbarian: the George Leslie Mackay Story.

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About the Artists

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Formosan Delight

Theatre Troupe
Shuyuan Liao Chien

In grade school, she liked to read comics in the old bookstalls.
In middle school, she read novels in class, hidden behind the textbooks.
In university, she liked the elective courses more: literature and philosophy.

After retiring, she slowly began to find his interests again.

All of these life experiences — the actions, thoughts, and the things she has seen and the things she has touched — love, people, all of these have become sources of inspiration. Playwriting often stumbles upon accidental sparks.

In 2008, she was the Chair of Toronto’s Taiwanese Hakka Association. To revitalize the association, she began to write Hakka plays for the community to perform, inspiring budding actors and discovering his own passion for writing. Her works include multiple languages: Hakka, Hokkien, Mandarin, and even English, with the help of her friends and daughter. The spark for writing continues to bloom — she hopes for the future: as long as she is alive, she will continue to write plays.

Members of Formosan Delight 

  • Serena Leo [Narrator]
  • Kyle Ing [Narrator]

  • Marina Di Francesco [Mackay’s Mother]
  • Grayson Jones [Boy Mackay, Child]
  • Y-S Columbus Leo [George Leslie Mackay]
  • Peter Kuo [Rev. Hugh Ritchie]
  • Elaine Rolfe [Dr. Matthew Dickson, Consul]
  • Victor Tung [Preacher Giam] 
  • Edward Chung Preacher Chen] 
  • Julia Chang [Grandma Tão-São] 
  • Vivan Yang [Mackay’s wife Chhung-i, Stage Coordinator] 
  • Betty Lai [Adopted mother] 
  • Bill Lai [Adopted father] 
  • Bengbi [Chief] 
  • Grace Kan [Indigenous Woman/Patient A]
  • Mr. Lai [Farmer/Patient B]

  • Sheyling Chang [Dancer]
  • Julia Lin [Dancer]
  • Pi-Ling Lin [Dancer]
  • Su-Pi Su [Dancer]
  • Lisa Lin [Dancer]
  • Ian-Nag Li [Dancer]

  • Isabelle Bartolome [Child] 
  • Selene Chen [Child/Patient C] 
  • Kathryn Liu [Child] 
  • Naomi Kuo [Child] 
  • Leida Wu [Child/Princess] 
  • Audrey Lai [Child]
  • Vara Lai [Child]
  • Dylan [Child]


  • Liya Dunlap [Soloist]
  • Daphne Hsu
  • May Chim
  • Agnes Chang
  • Jackie Li
  • Peter Leung


  • Carlina Chen [Stage Manager]
  • Eileen Ing [Stage Assistant]
  • Cheng-hian-So [Technical Support]
  • Susie [Props]
  • Jean Chen [Props, logo design]
  • Liang [Videographer]
  • Angela Lin [Props Maker, Volunteer]
  • Alan Lin [Poster Design]
  • Amy Liu [Props Mover]
  • Kuan Tseng [Props Mover]

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