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Stories of Independence

8:00 – 10:00 pm | Aug 26th
Concert Stage | Harbourfront Centre

The songs that define our heritage and our struggles tell stories rooted in the people and the community. More than politics, more than history, music is an experience of culture and identity that continues to echo across oceans. What is the sound of independence? Some of the familiar tunes Taiwanese people thought were their own turned out to have originated from Indonesia; many Malaysian-Chinese artists have their careers kick started in Taiwan.  Let’s listen together as we kick off our Dialogue with Indonesia and Malaysia.

Program Sponsors:

Performance - 2022 TAIWANfest Toronto Music Performance Trust Fund
Performance 2022 TAIWANfest Toronto Musicians' Association

About the Artists

Ken Hsieh
Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra Founder

A world-renowned conductor who has performed in top venues around the world, Ken Hsieh is the Music Director and principal conductor of the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra. With his passion and compelling presence on the podium, Maestro Ken Hsieh has led the annual TAIWANfest Toronto Orchestra composed of dedicated local musicians for over 8 years.

Symphony Programme

  1. Symphony No. 9 (4th Movement) | Composer: Antonín Dvořák
  2. Fanfare for the Common Man | Composer: Aaron Copland
  3. Rain Fall | Arranger: Che-Yi Lee
  4. Finlandia | Composer: Jean Sibelius
  5. Tanah Airku | Composer: Niung | Arranger: Addie MS
  6. Die Moldau | Composer: Bedřich Smetana
  7. Malaysia Prihatin | Composer: Dato’ Mokhzani Bin Ismail
  8. Symphony No. 4 (4th Movement) | Composer: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Symphony Concert Musicians

Music Director & Conductor
Ken Hsieh

TAIWANfest Orchestra

[First Violin]
Tanya Charles Iveniuk / Adam Diderrich / David Lin / Clara Lee / Bijan Sepanji

[Second Violin]
Alex Toskov / Emily Sun / Bokyoung Evet Kim / Katarina Kin / Yegee Lee

Matt Antal / Vanessa Hellinga / Cameron Ogilvie 

Samuel Bisson / Christopher Hwang / Wendy Shih

Stephen Haynes / Ching-Ping Lin

Mor Shargall-Bisson / Terry Lim

Colin Maier / Chieh-Ying Lu

Kaye Royer / Peter Pinteric

Chia-Yu Hsu

Jason Austin / Gilles Thibodeau / Diane Doig / Roslyn Black

Paul Otway / Tristan Tye / Michael Barth

Paul Tarussov / Barrington Venables / Peter Collins

Al Carter 

Andrew Chan

Alejandro Cespedes / Michelle Colton / Naoko Tsujita

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